An exciting ride down to the valley

Spine-tingling excitement through and through ...

The first alpine rollercoaster in Salzburg province: Alpine coaster Maisiflitzer

... open daily!

“Everyone buckle up!” – the last words you hear before the traffic light turns green.  Running on tracks, these two-seaters race towards the valley below at speeds as high as 40 km/h. For added excitement the track features built-in waves, jumps and five loops. At its highest point, the track even takes you 11 meters above the ground.

The start and finish of the coaster are located right next to the Schaufelberg car park.

The greatest possible safety and comfort are provided by optimized bucket seats with back support, safety belts and state-of-the-art eddy-current brakes (brake levers mounted on both sides).

Small children ages 3 till 7 years may also ride if accompanied. Children ages 8 and up and at least 1.25 m (ca. 4 ft. 2 ins.) tall can drive the coaster alone.

Facts & Figures:
Length of the track going up: 730 meters
Length of the track coming down: 1,300 meters
Highlights: bridges, waves, 5 jumps and 5 banked loops
Ride time: appr. 12 minutes
Speeds: up to 40 km/h (controlled by you, the driver)

Whether rain or sun, the Maisiflitzer invites you to come!