Ski & Snowboard Schools in Kaprun

Venturing out on skis or a snowboard for the very first time? If so, you should definitely do it with the help of an expert. Kaprun offers a wide selection of professional ski & snowboard schools, staffed with experienced, outstandingly trained ski instructors. They will teach you the fundamentals of winter sport, so that - practically before you know it - you will be out having fun on the slopes of the Maiskogel all on your own.

Are beginners' pistes not enough for you? Well, during courses for experienced skiers offered through our local ski & snowboard schools, you can perfect the skills you already have and turn yourself into an absolute pro. When it comes to skiing and boarding, you can never begin early enough. That's why specially trained and very patient ski and snowboard instructors take loving care of the "little dudes" during children's ski classes.

The Maiskogel team and our ski & snowboard schools are a fine-tuned "teaching machine", always glad to assist you in enjoying and perfecting your winter sports skills.

Gernot Schermer
Sigmund-Thun-Str. 18
5710 Kaprun
Tel: +43 6547 8070

Skidome I
Nikolaus-Gassner-Str. 21
5710 Kaprun
Tel: +43 6547 8232

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Kaprunerstrasse 150
5721 Piesendorf
Tel: +43 6549 7361

Helmut Schneider
Augasse 5
5710 Kaprun
Tel: +43 6547 7562

Landesstraße 14
5710 Kaprun
Tel: +43 650 501 227 3

Hauserdorfstrasse 4
5710 Kaprun
Tel: +43 660 4730666

Familie Hartweger
Sigmund-Thun-Str. 12
5710 Kaprun
Tel: + 43 664 33 81 582

Miroslav Kostka
Barbarastrasse 1/13
5710 Kaprun
+43 664 524 6733