Drops, lines and all kinds of biking action

Our bike park is sure to excite every true-blue biker.

We have created a 2,000 sq.m park that leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. Bikers start out from a 4 m hill. That's followed by a trail featuring 2 drops, a steep banked curve, along with a pro line and blue line, each with 3 kickers. Right next to that is the pump track - with 40 cm-high bumps and banked curves.

At the end of the course is an open area with wooden pallets, bridges, steps and other obstacles built as needed, used by the guides of Outdoor Center Kaprun - under the direction of Helmut Schneider - for customized bike coaching and children's classes.

You can find this bike park close to the Maisiflitzer Alpine Coaster. If you don't ride over there on your bike, there's also plenty of free parking for your car at the Schaufelberg.

Admission to the park is free!


Park Rules

For your own safety and to insure that we all "get along", we ask you to obey the following park rules. Failure to do so may result in you being banned from the park.

Protective Gear
Only ride in the park with appropriate safety gear such as a helmet with chinstrap, back protectors, elbow and knee guards. Wearing gloves means your hands are less likely to slip off the handlebars, plus they will help cushion any falls.

The Right Bike

The bike park is not suitable for street- or racing bikes. We recommend using a freeride- or downhill bike. Before even entering the park, be sure to give your bike a thorough "once-over" (brakes, saddle post etc.). That's the only way to insure your safety.

Outside the Park
Outside of the clearly marked park area, bikers are required to follow the usual rules of the road for cyclists.

You are also prohibited from building your own obstacles or trails outside of the park area.

Adjust Your Speed

You need to adjust your speed to your personal skills. Also remember that wet obstacles increase the likelihood of skidding.

If other bikers are in the park at the same time, always maintain plenty of distance between them and you.
Ride in such a way that you don't endanger slower bikers. When you are passing, always leave a safe distance between you and the other biker.

Allow yourself to take a break! But when you do, leave the grounds of the bike park. Simply hanging out in the park without riding is not permitted.

If you fall, get away from the biking area as quickly as possible. Other than in a clear emergency situation, you may not simply stay out there on the course.

Skateboards & Co
As the name suggests, the Bike Park is exclusively for the use of bikes. Use of skateboards, scooters or similar equipment is not permitted. We also ask you to refrain from running around the obstacles.